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Control Microsystems 299037

Introduction to ClearSCADA™



This is a four-day course on ClearSCADA software and aims to provide an introduction to configuring systems using ClearSCADA. Due to the feature rich nature of this product, the course will serve to provide participants with a sufficient understanding of the features so that they may further explore the software capabilities on their own after the trainining period.

Duration:  4 days

Requirements:  None

Price per Student:  $1,800.00 CDN*

Trainer:  CMI Certified Instructor

More Information:

* Subject to change.  Pricing is available in either US or CDN. dollars - consult your local CB Automation office.



• Introduction to ClearSCADA components

• Using WebX and configuring using ViewX

• Creating mimics and trends

• Templates and instances

• Security

• System configuration and system architecture




* Subject to change


• Using ViewX and configuring using ViewX

• Database organization and basic telemetry configuration

• Configuring using ViewX

• Logic languages

• Communications, diagnostics, and reports





Course Schedules:


Vaughan, Ontario (Greater Toronto Area):

No training scheduled for Toronto at this time




Montreal, Quebec:

No training scheduled for Montreal at this time




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